hungry hearts

We are all hungry, filled with dissatisfaction, cravings & desire for fullness. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes not. This is my journey of learning to feed my heart & share the feast with those around me. This might sound cheesy – oh well – hopefully if you knew me you'd know I'm serious. (and I'm also sometimes cheesy)

Kate 3.0

Today I am thankful. Here are 30 things that pop into my mind and explode with joy in my heart from the past 30hours. #30before30


1. My roommates. 2. Skype. 3. Pandora. 4. Rainy days, thunder and lightening. 5. Jungle adventures with Camie to chop down trees. 6. The Cathey’s are in town. 7. I had the two most handsome men as my dinner dates at Surfers Church last night. (Thanks Le’i and Bauer.) 8. My Mililani suburban friends. 9. Ice cream parties and gifts. 10. USPS and mail from all over the world. 11. Wishes from Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, UK, USA, SA, Zimbabwe, Australia, Sweden, Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Sudan, Canada… 12. Deer meat from Molokai. 13. Beautiful FLOWERS from Pops, Mumsie and Boet.wpid-mntsdcardexternal_sdDCIMCamera2013-12-14-12.55.42.jpg.jpg 14. New fabulous underwear. 15. My precious cards from the neighborhood kids and the strong hugs they give. 16. Nelson Mandela ad reconciliation and forgiveness. 17. Decaf coffee from wholefoods. 18. Hugs from homeless people. 19. Extravagant gift cards and cash gifts. 20. That it didn’t rain yesterday. 21. Ridiculous advice from my 30-year friends. 22. Acrostic poems and birthday raps. 23 Relationship/ risk-taking advice from my 19 year old friends. 24. Newspaper clippings from my 89 year old granny. 25. Delicious Dirty Iced Chai Latte’s. 26. My health. 27. Impromptu dance parties. 28. Huge floral pink le’is and the Swedish birthday song. 29. Family. Ohana. Oikos. 30. Learning lessons of faith and love and risk and femininity and leadership and purpose and freedom and courage and vulnerability.




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