hungry hearts

We are all hungry, filled with dissatisfaction, cravings & desire for fullness. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes not. This is my journey of learning to feed my heart & share the feast with those around me. This might sound cheesy – oh well – hopefully if you knew me you'd know I'm serious. (and I'm also sometimes cheesy)

Communication challenges

I guess if I could convey one main point in this blog it would be the challenges I am experiencing as a result of being deeply immersed in other people’s lives. I am a volunteer supported to do what I do by committed family and friends all over the world. Part of my return commitment to them is working diligently, loving deeply, keeping healthy and writing newsletters to update them on how their finances and prayers are changing lives and impacting the community I serve. Writing newsletters is hard. Writing good newsletters is even harder. Writing a newsletter that is inspiring and shows the importance of what we do, without using my friends and neighbors as fodder for a good story is really hard.


This is one of the main struggles I have – feeling like I am ‘using people’ as stories or emotional leverage. And yet people are the very reason that I am here – and stories about the cockroaches probably won’t draw a crowd. People’s stories are inspiring and life-giving and their testimonies give us confidence that our lives can also be transformed. People’s stories are also messy and what can be a victory one week, is broken the next.  I’ve realized that people’s lives are unbearably difficult and often leave life-altering scars on their hearts.

There is something powerful about stories. And I guess no story is without twists and turns; victory and loss. And maybe sometime I should write a newsletter about a failure or two – to show people that this is not paradise after all! But more to show them that life is a journey – that failure is okay and normal and a part of growth. Again – the priority to not use people’s struggles and mess as emotional leverage is essential – however I think that maybe that is part of the gift I can give to people. In this interconnected world we live in, one of the things we lose is connections with people… and sharing lives, stories and struggles allows us to profoundly share in the worlds of others.

“We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” – Emilio Estevez

This is my charge to you. Connect with someone today. Ask their story. Share a part of yours. Inspire someone. Tell tales of hope. ‘Gossip’ about people’s success. Do it in love, do it humbly, do it. And write a letter to someone… cause there is nothing better than getting something in the mail that ISN’T a bill!

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  1. jessicabutcher
    September 24, 2013


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