hungry hearts

We are all hungry, filled with dissatisfaction, cravings & desire for fullness. Sometimes this is good. Sometimes not. This is my journey of learning to feed my heart & share the feast with those around me. This might sound cheesy – oh well – hopefully if you knew me you'd know I'm serious. (and I'm also sometimes cheesy)

What if higher education was free?

I love learning. I really do. Strengthsquest (TM) tells me that three of  my five top strengths are Input, Learner and Intellection… which I hope are not as nerdy as they sound! But unfortunately, the more you  study the more you need to pay. Which sucks. Also, little things like visa limits, and rotten exchange rates can put a bit of a strangle-hold on one’s dreams and passions! What if higher education was free?

Books I'm currently reading!

Books I’m currently reading!

Thank goodness for businesses and organisations such as Coursera and edX and wonderful things called MOOCs (I just learned this word and I am in love (with the concept, the word itself is a little odd!)) Coursera believes everyone should be able to ‘learn without limits’, and edX’s mission is to ‘give worldclass education to everyone,’ and I have to say I agree… but didn’t think it was really possible. But it IS, and if my online HarvardX course on the Philosophy of Justice is anything to go by – the quality of education they offer is excellent. Not only is my mind getting so challenged by the content and debates we have in class – but I am learning about how to be a better teacher and facilitator through how the class is structured. Although most of these course don’t offer actual credits, you can get a certificate of completion if you meet certain assessment criteria.


Now these are true social businesses and are pioneering opportunities for people all over the world to study and grow and reach more of their potential. ‘What if’ just became possible.


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